Marketing, Writing, and Business Services

Some of the work I do:
• White papers, research reports, web copy, solution briefs, and so on
• Thought leadership articles and blogs
• Surveys and Research
• Presenting at conferences and webcasts

My goal is to be truthful and knowledgeable, offering thought leadership with an easy-to-grasp and compelling style. I conduct thorough research, consider the audience, and work with subject matter experts to comunicate a clear and concise message.

Twitter: @ericjbruno

Revisit Your Cloud Strategy

Eric J. Bruno
You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in your cloud strategy over the last few of years. Now's a good time to review it, locate any remaining holes, and determine how to shore them up.

Architecting Microservices with Kubernetes

Eric J. Bruno
Microservices and Kubernetes are two very hot topics in tech today. How can you use them together? Let’s take a look in this article, which explores how to use Kubernetes to make microservices architectures a reality.

How to use containers to take on hybrid-cloud data

Eric J. Bruno
For many reasons, some companies can't move their applications and data wholesale to the cloud. For them, a hybrid cloud approach is the only way to go. Containers can help manage data in a hybrid cloud setup in ways that other approaches cannot.

Avoiding Kinks in Your Containerized Delivery Chain

Eric J. Bruno
When used properly, containers can help to speed software delivery and deployment. However, common problems arise when deploying and managing containers, which can make containers seem like more trouble than they’re worth.