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Software Defined Storage Solutions

Eric J. Bruno - 6/6/2014
I’ve written about cloud-based storage in the past, specifically regarding Hadoop and Big Data. Are open solutions for cloud-based storage, both public and private, cost effective?

Flash: More Data, Faster Access

Eric J. Bruno - 6/5/2014
With the increased need for high-speed access to large amounts of data, and the cost of flash steadily falling, it's time to examine new approaches to storage.

JavaFX 8: Combining Language Features, Part 2

Eric J. Bruno - 6/1/2014
In this installment, we'll add the ability to move files around via drag-and-drop, and open them with the new TextFlow control.

Database-as-a-Service with OpenStack Trove

Eric J. Bruno - 5/30/2014
Installing and configuring enterprise DBs can be a chore. The cloud and DBaaS come to the rescue! Achieve elasticity, reliability, and more with OpenStack Trove.