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Working with Java's BigDecimal

Eric J. Bruno - 8/12/2014
I've found BigDecimal a bit harder to use than either Java's double primitive type or Double class. To help in my coding, I've created a wrapper class that contains a BigDecimal object internally but instead handles the reassignment of the immutable BigDecimal on your behalf.

OpenStack Security Nugget: Storage

Eric J. Bruno - 8/12/2014
Security is an important cloud topic in general and one that’s addressed well with OpenStack. OpenStack takes a multi-level approach to secure storage, since data is an obvious target of hackers and thieves. Here’s a broad overview of how it’s implemented.

Witness OpenStack Performance and Security with StackSync

Eric J. Bruno - 7/31/2014
OpenStack Swift is an object storage service for the cloud with scalability and redundancy built-in. When deployed within your own cloud solution, Swift writes your critical data across arrays of disks and ensures data integrity.

Storing Big Data

Eric J. Bruno - 7/31/2014
Most people associate big data with the need to store vast amounts of data, and they’re correct. However, big data can also be thought of as data in motion.